Board Support

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is about getting everybody on the same path – it is your organization’s road map – its where your organization is going, how you are going to get  there, and why.

It is much more than words that end up on the shelf. It helps to build your competitive advantage, communicates your strategy to staff, volunteers, and donors, prioritizes your financial needs (and thus funding focus), and finally, provides focus and direction to move from plan to action.

Your strategic plan should include these six core elements:

Vision – the “so what?” of your work

Mission – the “who, what, and how”

Core Values – the principles and spirit with which you do your work

Strategic Areas of Focus – distinct organizational functions key to achieving the Vision

Strategic Goals – support each Strategic Area of Focus

Action Plans – the action steps needed to accomplish the goals and Vision


Interim Director

Leadership change is an increasingly common aspect of nonprofit organizational life.

Boards and organizations that use an experienced interim executive director come through the transition stronger, more fiscally sound, and with higher levels of optimism about the future impact of their programs and services.