Today, when multiple nonprofits are chasing the same dollars, volunteers, advocates, and sponsors – standing out from the crowd is critical.

Standing out connects you with a prospective donor or program participant.

Planning your nonprofit marketing, rather than just doing it, is the strategy that generates the quality connections, your organization will be positioned to connect better than ever.

Social Media
Creating a social media presence from scratch? Need to maintain your presence during staff transitions? Want a six-month plan with analytics to put into action yourself? Have no idea what this all means but suspect that you should? Need help getting the content out to the world? Yeah, we can do that.

E-mail Marketing
With experience in Constant Contact, MailChimp, and donor database platforms, we can help you with consistent visual messaging while getting your message across.

We work with you in identifying your criteria, selecting a designer and host. When you are ready, we work with your website copy writing and the creation of a quick-start guide that includes how to use your website and protocols for updates.

With all the hype over “free” electronic media, it is important to remember that people still need the personal touch and reminder on their fridge. We can help you with the Annual Report, Invitations, Save the Date, and the most important Thank You letters.

We create graphics and design your materials to work seamlessly with your current visual standards. Consistency and continuity are key to your brand and message.