Other Projects

Sometimes a project requires too many staff resources in the launch phase for an organization to handle. We can help. We have experience launching and overhauling projects and providing turn-key operations during the transition to permanent staff. Outside support means existing programs don’t suffer while new ones are put in place.

Program Evaluation Support
We offer assistance in basic program evaluation, including planning, data collection, data analysis, and writing up results for grant proposals, evaluation reports, or other publications.

In an age where you can Google nearly anything, you still need to take the time to research, piece together all the great stuff and make it fit your needs. We have a lot of templates that can move things along faster. And, we can help you make it your own.

Technical Writing and Infographics
Quick-start guides, internal manuals on protocols and procedures, external publications…You get the idea. If you need it on paper in words, diagrams, or data visualizations, we can do it.

Try Us
Do you have a different, unique project in mind? Contact us. There’s a good chance we can handle it or, know somebody who can.